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Apple Vision Pro will only be accessible by appointment

At first, Apple Vision Pro will only be accessible by appointment. If you had any hopes that Apple’s Vision Pro “spatial computer” would be anything other than a very specialized gadget, let me ask you: really? Did you notice the cost?

But more significantly, Apple disapproves as well. A recent source claims that the corporation intends to introduce the product gradually, starting with limited sales in US locations. Additionally, you must schedule a meeting if you want to purchase one.

At first, Apple Vision Pro will only be accessible by appointment.

The stores will have designated spaces with sitting, one or two demo units, and equipment for sizing accessories. According to reports, Apple is creating a piece of physical equipment and an iPhone app that will scan your head to calculate the proper light seal. Before expanding statewide, the stores with these specialized sections will initially be limited to “major areas” like New York and LA.

Given the complexity of the in-store setup, Apple doesn’t expect to make the Vision Pro available to third-party distributors until at least 2025. Early 2024 will see the launch of online sales through Apple’s online store in the US.

Apple Vision Pro Leaked Specifications

At the end of 2024, the headgear will reach other nations; the UK and Canada are anticipated to be the first two. Asia and Europe will “soon after” that, although the present time is 2025. The business is already developing a more affordable non-Pro Vision headset and a second-generation Pro model that will go on sale by 2026.

According to a story earlier this week, Apple cut its first-year sales projections in half, from 900,000 to fewer than 400,000, because of the intricate manufacturing process involved. Interestingly, during the Vision Pro’s testing, Apple found that certain people with “smaller body sizes and heads” would find it difficult to wear it for more than 30 minutes. A second strap that crosses the top of the user’s head is being created to address this, although its design has yet to be decided upon.

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