Best Laptop 2023: Which Laptop Should I Buy?

5. Huawei MateBook X Pro (2022) – Best for fast charging

The MateBook X Pro has been around for a few years, but this latest model is Huawei’s best effort yet.

A slick, premium design has been made even better thanks to a lighter magnesium alloy, which means a 14.2in laptop now weighs as little as 1.26kg. There’s still room for an excellent full-size keyboard and trackpad, though, which help the MateBook X Pro stand out from the competition.

Other highlights include that 90Hz display, a much more logical webcam position and solid performance from Intel’s 12th-gen CPUs, although there’s no option for a discrete GPU. Huawei has also gone all-in on USB-C, meaning there’s no room for any USB-A ports.

Fast charging is a nice touch, but sub-par battery life means you’ll be reaching for the 90W adapter more often than you might like.

Despite these drawbacks, the MateBook X Pro remains an excellent laptop that’s definitely worth considering.

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