Best photos clicked by Samsung Galaxy S23

Best photos clicked by Samsung Galaxy S23, select the best one. Galaxy Unpacked was packed. The Galaxy S23 series debuted. S23 devices have superb sensors. The S23 Ultra outperforms last year’s S22 Ultra. The camera’s highlight is Expert RAW export—Samsung’s equivalent to Apple’s ProRAW format for high-end iPhones.

As expected, manual effort is required to maximize the functionality. RAW is for serious smartphone photographers. This format gives you precise shooting and editing control. It’s uncompressed, unlike JPG. The photo will retain details. Thankfully, Galaxy S23 smartphones have plenty of storage.

Best photos clicked by Samsung Galaxy S23

Thus, Expert RAW images’ larger file sizes are unimportant. These uncompressed files include all sensor data. That will help you get the picture just right. The Galaxy S23’s default JPG format is pretty decent. AI and an improved sensor will make them Instagram-worthy. Shooting in Expert RAW mode maximizes sensor performance.

Galaxy S23 RAW VS iPhone Proraw

Expert RAW files support 16-bit colour. Apple ProRAW is 12-bit. The Galaxy S23 Expert RAW mode gives you more colour. That distinguishes iPhone ProRAW from Expert RAW. Expert RAW also saves DNG and JPG RAW photos. These files allow more excellent post-shoot modification than RAW files. In Expert RAW, you may adjust most picture parameters. White balance, ISO, exposure, and shutter speed.

What software you use to take raw photo on Samsung Galaxy S23?

Only some have time to transfer files to a PC and modify them. The Galaxy S23 can edit Expert RAW files! Not every picture software supports RAW files, likewise for Expert RAW. Samsung and Adobe recently announced Expert RAW.

“Exclusive default picture editor for RAW photographs shot using the Expert RAW app” is Lightroom. Use Adobe Lightroom to maximize the Galaxy S23 cameras. Expert RAW debuted with the announcement. This program allows you to shoot phone-camera RAW photographs. The software generates several file types, including JPG. The Galaxy Store sells Expert RAW.

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