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Controversies Surrounding 360 Degree Performance Appraisal

360 degree performance appraisal is said to be one of the best techniques available to improve efficiency in the work place. The method is put in place in order to make a good analysis of the human potential of a company or work force. Human resources strategies are put into place that in turn analyze performance as well as skills of the workers.

360 degree feedback on an employee s performance is confidential and often starts with a questionnaire or self appraising. Self assessment is seen as a reliable method by which an employee can be monitored. The results of these tests are therefore available to the employer for each member of his work force and for his general perusal.

There are controversies over using this method of appraising co workers and there are some very evident weak and strong points on relying on such methods. Starting with a positive issue, this kind of appraisal is good for identifying both the strong and weak points of each and every member of staff individually and it can be said to save a lot of time over other methods as the appraisal is done by all workers, therefore multiplying the results on an instant.

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Another plus point for using this system is the wide range of evaluation and techniques used. The individual methods chosen within a company are generally chosen by the human resources department, but this can also be seen as a downside. When the human resources department is left to choose the topics and subjects for discussion, it can be done in a manner that is too subjective, or even in one that will be unfair to certain staff areas where it is the intention to show one group in a better light than another.

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When there is however a large workforce to test, software applications can indeed be used that will allow for fair testing all-round. This method should not only be used if you have a large and varied workforce; it is now preferred as the less controversial and fair method and should replace an either biased or inexperienced HR department.

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Other controversy that surrounds 360 degree performance appraisal is that it is heavily and unfairly biased towards large companies with large resources, and that it is totally unsuitable for a small firm where there are only a handful of workers to give their opinion each other. However, one controversial issue that is very real for any size of company when using such a method is that there is a severe lack of objectivity.

The method is supposed to analyze with subjectivity and objectivity, but this causes problems when workers have to analyze their subordinates. In fact, rivalry between workers can make the whole process totally non objective and this can lead to a whole stack of false findings and results.

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In conclusion, the 360 degree performance appraisal is a great way for all companies to track the performance of the workers. A third party vendor can offer an unbiased and more accurate appraisal for analyzing key leadership positions within an organization. This is especially true for the CEO position, the outside vendor can ensure transparency and accuracy when handling the data. Often a customized 360 performance appraisal can be a great tool for the CEO because it allows the board of directors a clear unbiased analysis of the CEO’s performance.

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