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Johari Window and 360 Degree Feedback

Knowing what you don’t know by looking through the Johari Window with 360 feedback glasses

Is it important to know how other’s in your company or personal life perceive you? Is there value in seeing yourself through the eyes of another?

This short will look at the Johari window and how to find out what is in your blind spot through a 360 degree feedback exercise.

Why is this important?

  • Discover your weaknesses
  • Discover gaps otherwise unknown to you
  • Discover perception problems that you didn’t know existed

The Johari Window

A psychological tool that Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham came up with in 1955 to help people understand themselves and how other’s perceive them.

The Johari window consists of Four quadrants.

  1. The Open quadrant – peers and yourself are aware
  2. The Hidden quadrant – peers are unaware, you are aware
  3. The Blind Spot quadrant – you are unaware, peers are aware (* 360 will help us here)
  4. The Unknown quadrant – no one is aware – subconscious

360 Degree Feedback

The definition of the 360 degree feedback is to get feedback from all around you (360 degrees).

This feedback exercise can be done in several different ways.

There are 5 key steps:

1. Select the avenue of feedback, this could be:

  • Spreadsheet or document with questions
  • Online 360 feedback survey system
  • Personal meeting with the participant

2. Select the participants

This may include your:

  • Peers
  • Boss
  • Boss’s Boss
  • Direct reports
  • Friends

3. Get the data

Send the spreadsheet, document, url to the participants

Have the meeting

4. Analyze the feedback

Combine all feedback together

Identify weaknesses, GAPs, issues

5. Determine action items and put a plan into place based on the results of the exercise.

The important part is that you get that honest feedback so that blind spot becomes less of a mystery to you and you identify those keys improvement areas to address.

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