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Becoming An Egg Donor

I had never really heard about egg donation until I had a friend from college become an egg donor. I quickly found out that young women (generally between 21 and 30 years old) that met certain physical and intelligence criteria could qualify for egg donation. They are paid to donate their eggs (oocytes) to treat infertile couples. As your typical in-debt college student, such large monetary compensation was very alluring; however, I needed to research the process to see what risks involved before I pursued it.

I found the internet to be the greatest resource for information. There were a number of articles from reputable sources regarding egg donation. I was able to learn about certain health risks involved, the moral controversy stemming from the process, and personal stories about those who have benefited from the egg donation process.

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I then spoke with an egg donation center and they were very accommodating and responsive in answering all my questions. However, I still a little uneasy about the process especially considering the side effects that may occur due to the fertility drugs.

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After putting much thought into it, I decided to become an egg donor. I would not only be helping infertile couples hoping to create a family, but the monetary compensation was a huge advantage as well. I would be able to pay off all my student loans and pay for future tuition fees without having the worry of living paycheck to paycheck.

Thankfully, my family and friends were very supportive of my decision to become an egg donor. The application process was long and tedious; I had to provide not only my own medical, social, and mental history, but extensive information regarding my family’s background and medical information. Not only was there physical health considerations, I was also required to provide test scores (e.g. SAT and ACT scores) and pictures of myself.

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After my application was accepted, I had to go through preliminary screenings to make sure that I was physically and mentally healthy and capable of becoming an egg donor. The staff that took me through the whole process was very kind and understanding and more than willing to answer all my questions.

I was very nervous the actual day of the egg retrieval, but everything went well. I was sedated for the process and slept for several hours thereafter. I felt only slight pain (much like mild cramps), but that was easily remedied with the use of pain medication. The next day I was fully recovered.

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Each woman that goes through the egg donation process will have a different experience. If you are considering becoming an egg donor [], thoroughly research the process and any potential health risks such a process may pose for you. Contact an egg donation center for further information.

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