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How To Properly Adjust Temperature Of Gas Grills

Most people choose gas grill over charcoal grill because of the temperature adjustment settings of the former. It lessens the likelihood of burned grilled foods. It allows even culinary-challenged people to grill their food to perfection.

Don’t let a lack of idea on how to adjust grill temperature deter you from cooking your food to perfection. Here are some tips that can help you out:

Step 1: Turn on the grill by rotating the valve usually found at the top portion of the propane tank. Turn it counter-clockwise. It depends on the mechanism of your gas-operated grill. Some only has a push-button system to ignite the grill.

Step 2: To increase the flame, turn it clockwise. Gradually turn the knob so you can control the flame. If you want to adjust it to smaller heat settings, turn it counter-clockwise. Slowly turn the knob so you won’t have an abrupt increase in temperature.

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Step 3: When adjusting the heat, check the burner always. There are areas where the grill will not produce flames. Make sure you memorize these areas so you do not turn your grill knob to that position.

Step 4: Keep an eye on the flames while you are adjusting. Make sure flames are coming out. If you have turned the knob on but flames fail to come out of the burner, try to turn it off first and ignite it again. Do not let the burner expel gas as this can cause an explosive build up of gas.

Step 5: Close the lid of the grill if you want to insulate heat. This will heat up the interior of the machine without using too much heat from the gas. To control the temperature, open the grill lid.

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Step 6: After using the grill, check the holes of the burner. Make sure there are no fats or dirt clogging the holes. Let the grill cool down and poke the holes with bamboo skewer to remove the oil or fats.

Step 7: When grilling, occasionally rearrange the lava rocks at the bottom of the grill to distribute heat. Clean the lava rocks so it can distribute heat properly.

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Now that you know how to adjust the temperature of your gas grill, you can now cook without a hitch. Always keep an eye on sea foods and vegetables as they cook quickly when subjected to direct heat. Make sure you do not burn them.

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