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Why Are There VA Loans?

When a man or woman serves their nation, they give up a good amount of time, productive years that they could have used in the free market through running a business or through a strong career and gainful employment. With these losses of opportunity, they are put at a disadvantage, which is not very fair considering their giving to the nation and the military defense to protect us all.

It is for this very reason that we have the VA Loan Program, which gives them a slight advantage once again. Low interest loans that can be used for specific purposes to help them jump back in line to where they would have been had they not sacrificed for all of us. Some folks get upset to learn that their tax dollars partly subsidize these programs and that the loan defaults, which are quite low by the way, fall back as a burden to taxpayers if not paid.

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When people join the military, they sign up knowing that they may be risking their lives in doing so. Indeed, they become targets of our enemies and can be put into harms-way sometimes with little or no pre-warning. Offering decent VA Loans with good terms is the least we can do.

Now then, let us also consider loans for small businesses, which have a much higher fall-out or default rate. Some people criticize these loans too, but realize that the small business people taking this risk also employ people in their businesses, which helps all of us too and our economy, which is kind of like paying it forward on our way to prosperity. Of course, the veteran has already paid it forward by giving service and protecting this nation, so we can enjoy the future prosperity for generations to come, so, think of it that way, okay?

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