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Younique Wealth Systems – A Review Of The Younique Gold Tribe

A scam or pyramid scheme usually has no product of value, and usually compensates individuals mainly for the recruitment of other distributors.

If Younique Wealth Systems did not sell products to end consumers, and only forced them to become distributors before they could buy products, then this would be a cause for concern.

This MLM Company review will show you how distributors can get paid as Independent Business Owners, whether they recruit other distributors or not.

Rod Cook, an MLM Consultant with, was invited to review the administration, policies and procedures, marketing systems, savings plan, management and distribution systems of this network marketing company.

Younique Wealth systems can potentially pay you, whether you recruit reps into your organization or not. MLM scams will generally emphasize that you recruit reps in order to receive commissions, but Younique is a MLM company that does not adhere to this practice.

A Review Of The Younique Wealth Leadership

Philip Judge, with over two decades of experience in the bullion and wealth management industry, is at the helm of Younique Wealth Systems. Having worked as a bullion banker, and in a custodial role to generationally wealthy individuals, Philip is suited for his position at the helm of this gold and silver wealth education MLM company.

The company’s leadership, comprising CEO, Mike Turton, Bill Rowell and Simon Heaps, has incredible experience in the industry within which they operate. Younique’s leadership has worked hard to establish industry relationships and strategic alliances that guarantee supply and delivery of bullion products.

It helps that Younique’s leaders have extensive experience in the industry within which the company operates.

What products are offered by Younique Wealth Systems?

Younique markets bullion gold and silver products. The products themselves:

1. Are uniquely numbered and collectible

2. Are non-government issued. You are the outright legal owner, and not the bearer.

3. Have a refiner’s certificate of quality. This guarantees the fine weight and purity of the products.

4. They are produced by a LBMA recognized refinery.

5. Are religious collectibles. This makes them legally non-confiscatable under the UN Human Rights Resolutions.

6. Are privately shipped to the recipient directly.

7. Are sold direct to the end-user, from the mint.

8. Are guaranteed to be delivered to the end-consumer.

We will now review Younique’s retail products:

Younique retail customers have:

1. No requirement for a fee to purchase products.

2. A monthly savings program that enables them to save in bullion

3. Bullion is transported discretely to the end-consumer.

4. Easy deactivation of their monthly orders.

With the Younique MLM Business Opportunity, the income potential equals the effort you put into growing your home business.

Independent Business Owners earn commissions for the sale of a monthly qualifying product. Younique’s monthly qualifying product gives Younique Independent Business Owners a business license and the privilege to market Younique’s product range.

In my review of Younique Wealth Systems, I have also looked at the compensation plan.

The Younique business opportunity is definitely not a scam.

You will need to look beyond what Younique’s pay plan can help you achieve. This review should help you in your decision regarding the Younique Wealth business opportunity.

Source by Michael T Makahamadze

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