Google Pixel 6 and Pro teardown leaks extensive heat dissipation

Google Pixel 6 and Pro teardown leaks extensive heat dissipation, poor repairability. The google pixel 6 and pixel 6 seasoned had disassembled to their very last bits in more than one teardown film revealing their innards and showcasing their repairability. The teardowns performed by using pbk critiques (via gadgets360) reveal that each telephone included in a large copper heat sink.

This gets clean proper upon starting up the gadgets. An aluminium mid-plate is present as nicely that’s related to the processor via thermal tape. The beneath-display fingerprint sensor latched onto the rear of the show and appears to be pretty slim, slightly taking over any area. Whilst the innards of the pixel 6 seasoned and pixel 6 very lots alike, there’s one big distinction – the haptic motor of the former positioned at the lowest of the smartphone even as the latter has it at the top.


The films similarly screen that the mm-wave antenna is located atop pixel 6. mmwave guarantees high download speeds on 5g phones however an unmarried antenna for it is questionable. Moreover, its role isn’t the maximum most reliable either.

Google Pixel 6 and Pro teardown leaks extensive heat dissipation, poor repairability

While the phone might used in landscape mode even as streaming or gaming, the antenna likely to be included by using the hand. This will mess with signal reception. Qualcomm recommends packing 5g telephones with four mm-wave antennas. And with the antenna on the pixel 6 being rather lonesome, that too placed poorly, it’s unclear how well the phone may be acting in phrases of 5g connectivity.

As for repairability, the USB type-c port serves as perhaps the best trouble. Its miles soldered onto the motherboard, making repairs quite tough. Different components don’t fare too properly due to the excessive use of glue. There may thus a danger of water resistance getting compromised when pulling aside additives to carry out maintenance.

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