Google Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t able actually to charge at 30W

Google Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t able actually to charge at 30W. Google’s Pixel 6 pros is marketed to rate approximately 50% in half of an hour and we did nearly obtain that range in our review (we got 48% in 1/2 an hour). We did, however, locate it as an alternative unusual that the pixel 6 pro’s 5000 mah battery took nearly two hours to completely rate with a 30w charger.

Android authority went deep diving and executed lab checks of the pixel 6 pro’s charging cycle. It recorded the actual present-day of the charger and it marked at what factors the charger changed into switching to decrease currents. That is a normal operation for any telephone that fees, however, this take a look at reveals greater about the pixel 6 seasoned’s actual charging speeds.


To begin, google in no way explicitly says that the pixel 6 seasoned become without a doubt able to charge at 30w, but instead that the 50% in 30 minutes declare is “primarily based upon the use of the google 30w USB-c charger plugged right into a wall outlet”, alongside a disclaimer that “actual results may be slower”.

Android authority confirms that the maximum power pulled from the charger by each pixel 6 and pixel 6 pros is certainly 22w with an average of 13w over the length of a cycle. The tests were performed with now not best the google 30w charger, however additionally some other USB-c electricity transport PPS adapters as nicely (though all UK variations).

Google Pixel 6 Pro doesn’t able actually to charge at 30W

Within the strength/time graph, you may see how the battery’s charging begins growing diagonally earlier than regularly tapering down closer to the one hundred mark. The blue line suggests that modern-day peaks at 22.36w earlier than it drops to 15w around the forty% mark. While it takes approximately half-hour to charge half the battery, it takes less than an hour and a half to rate the rest of the way.

Android authority factors out that it takes the pixel 6 seasoned about an hour to refill the ultimate 15% of the battery. Google has been recognized to be conservative with the pixels’ battery charging behaviour in the past and the pixel 6 seasoned’s battery doesn’t recharge on the equal potential as, say, the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra (also a 5000 mah battery) with its 25w charger.

It reached 54% in half-hour however completed a complete charge in just 1 hour and 11 mins. The conservative technique to charging does make the smartphone less vulnerable to warming up, soaring simply around 25c, but android authority points out every other opportunity is that google went with cheaper batteries on the pixel 6 series.

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