Huawei Mate30 Series Receives Hongmeng OS Update

Huawei Mate30 Series Receives Hongmeng OS Update. A software update for Huawei’s Mate30 series, which includes the eagerly awaited Hongmeng OS (SP2C00E300R5P8) version, just made available.

Some updates included in this release, including adding Universal Cards, improvements to the Smart Multi-Window functionality, and Pure Mode, among other things.

Including Universal Cards is one of this update’s most notable features. As new cards added or withdrawn, these cards automatically change in size. Stacked cards provide customers a smooth experience by rotating and adapting to various scenarios.

Huawei Mate30 Series Receives Hongmeng OS Update

Additionally, the Smart Multi-Window feature has improved. Users can start the dual-app split-screen mode with just one click and save their split-screen configuration to the desktop.

Users may continue working on their duties without interruption since the floating window automatically reduces size when the user returns to the screen.

A curriculum subscription service is a new feature added to the Calendar app. Users may import their schedules by snapping pictures or choosing ones from their galleries.

Course and reminder customization enabled, and desktop curriculum service cards can placed to quickly access course details.

To increase security, the Pure Mode has further improved. Application leaps now include a second confirmation pop-up window, lowering risks and giving users more control over each action.

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