Huawei Watch GT Runner will be launched on November 17

Huawei Watch GT Runner will be launched on November 17. Huawei might be protecting the smart existence product release event at 7:30 pm (local time) on Nov. 17. Clean posters released using the emblem confirms that it will likely be pronouncing the watch gt runner through the upcoming unveiling event. As the call is going, the watch gt runner designed for professional runners.

The frame has a ‘recreation-lap’ text engraved on the proper. The smartwatch will provide users with data along with running strength index, tempo, heart rate, and distance. It has a spherical-shaped dial and promises a hundred thirty-five per cent higher GPS antenna overall performance.


Consistent with why lab, it’s far the industry’s first smartwatch to feature a floating antenna layout. It supports twin-frequency 5-celebrity unique positioning and offers marathon music-level unique positioning. He additionally cited that the tool equipped with a harmonious device. The alternative features of the Huawei watch gt runner are beneath wraps.

Huawei Watch GT Runner will be launched on November 17

Additionally, there may be no word on the pricing of the device. The watch gt runner moniker noticed on the Bluetooth sig certification web page last month. The list discovered guide for Bluetooth five.2. Final month, Huawei announced the watch gt three within the UK.

Subsequently, it’s far in all likelihood that the company additionally announce the watch gt three along with the gt runner on Nov. 17 in china. It said at the beginning of this month that Huawei’s subsequent smartwatch may be able to measure blood pressure. It’s far unclear whether the watch gt runner has a blood strain tracker.

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