iOS 17 iPhones have smart screens when locked

iOS 17 iPhones have smart screens when locked. iOS 17 and new iPhones are arriving later this year, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has a recent article on what to anticipate from Apple’s upcoming OS, apart from performance improvements.

Using your locked iPhone running iOS 17 as an intelligent display may be the most exciting new feature. It will display calendar appointments, weather, and alerts like an independent, brilliant display. The iPhone will only show this view in landscape mode.

This makes desk and nightstand handsets more handy. This function activates a dark backdrop with colorful text for readability. Apple is also working on a horizontal iPad layout, although it’s unclear when it will release it.

iOS 17 iPhones have smart screens when locked.

Apple is rumored to slowly create a low-cost tablet that magnetically connects to walls and supports. iOS 17 will feature “significant changes” to the Wallet app, location services, and a journaling app to “add note-taking and a stronger social element to the device”.

Expect additional mood-logging, weak-vision capabilities, and the Health app for iPadOS. AirPlay and SharePlay will be updated in Apple’s following mobile software, and hotels and “other places that offer TVs and speakers” may use it more. Apple’s June 5 World Wide Developer Conference will debut iOS 17.

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