OnePlus revealed the Bullets Wireless Z2 at its event on March 31

OnePlus revealed the Bullets Wireless Z2 at its event on March 31. Today, OnePlus finally revealed the date when it will reveal it will launch the 10 Pro for global markets The date is March 31st and it’s just barely making the much-hyped launch date “Q1 2022” following the initial unveiled the phone in China earlier in January. 

It turns out that the phone won’t be OnePlus’s only product to be announced towards the end of this month. It’ll be followed by an OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2, according to the name , will be a successor to in the footsteps of OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z released in 2020. 


There’s been an extended wait for successors to these and indeed, they Bullets Wireless Z2 have been revealed earlier this month. According to this information they’ll be OnePlus the cheapest headphones that are wireless (although it’s clear, they’ren’t really wireless) They’ll be available in black and blue with the physical control for volume and media located on the right of the neckband. 

OnePlus revealed the Bullets Wireless Z2 at its event on March 31

The earbuds will stay together even when not being used because of magnets however, no specifications for the internals have been released yet. This is expected to change in the near future according to the official teaser site, OnePlus is planning to release slowly details about the earbuds beginning in March 25 when information connected to bass capabilities will be made public. 

On March 27 we’ll learn about the specs for fast charging and on March 29, it’ll be time to know more about the pair’s waterproof capabilities. As you wait for the event on March 31 visit the Source link below and sign-up to be kept informed of any news about Bullets Wireless Z2. Bullets Wireless Z2. This gives you the an opportunity to win a pair.

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