Oppo F19 coming with ColorOS 12 public beta update

Oppo F19 coming with ColorOS 12 public beta update. Oppo is finally bringing the ColorOS 12 beta to the public for customers of the F19 smart device. The program was invite just given that late February, however currently the firm is searching for 5,000 users of the midranger to join the following of the software program.

The Oppo F19 is a preferred mobile phone in India, and also as a result of that Oppo is looking for beta testers just in the South Asian nation. They can apply with the Settings food selection – faucet on Software Update and afterwards the gear wheel in the upper corner. If the beta is available, the “Apply for Beta Version” alternative will exist, or else, you need to wait “for the next round”.


Oppo F19 coming with ColorOS 12 public beta update

Once people use, they will certainly receive the beta variation within 3 workdays, indicating the package is likely sent out by humans instead than being a computerized procedure. Oppo advises F19 users that the tool might warm, lag, and drain its battery after the update, which will certainly improve with time – besides individuals need to be willing to experience some inconvenience for the prestige of being pioneers in the area.

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