Redmi K70 Ultra 3C certification confirms 120W fast charging feature

Xiaomi’s new top-tier Redmi smartphone has been certified by the 3C. It’s expected to be named the Redmi K70 Ultra. The listing shows it will support 120W wired charging.

Redmi K70 Ultra 3C listings

Tipster Digital Chat Station on Weibo added that it will likely feature the Dimensity 9300+ chip.

The new smartphone model, 2407FRK8EC, is expected to launch in July 2024. It will work with the 120W MDY-14-ED wired charger and the 80W MDY-16-EB wireless charger.

Rumors say the phone may feature up to 24 GB LPDDR5T RAM and 1 TB UFS 4.0 storage. The main question is whether Xiaomi will introduce new cameras to the Ultra or if the Mediatek chipset will be the only new feature.

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