Samsung CEO issues formal apology to users over GOS scandal

Samsung CEO issues formal apology to users over GOS scandal. Samsung VC as well as CEO Jong Hee Han has issued an apology on behalf of Samsung customers over the GOS app throttle issue during Samsung’s annual shareholders’ meeting. 

The CEO admitted that Samsung didn’t appreciate customers’ concerns and stated that Samsung would “listen to customers more closely to prevent such an issue from happening again”. For a quick overview the issue, Samsung’s Game Optimizations Service (GOS) is available on the latest Galaxy S smartphones and tablets and also on some older flagship phones. 


Samsung CEO issues formal apology to users over GOS scandal

The software is intended to fine-tune the system’s performance while gaming to prolong battery life, but was later discovered to slow performance on as many as 10,000 applications. The issue was further aggravated by the fact that users were not offered an option to turn off GOS as a default. Furthermore, GOS seemed to whitelist applications that benchmark such as Geekbench from throttles. 

This led to Geekbench has been banned from the previous four versions of Galaxy S flagships as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 series from its platform. Samsung has already released an update to its software that will be available for Galaxy S22 series in South Korea stopping GPU and CPU restrictions arising from GOS. An identical update is scheduled to be released for old Galaxy S flagships and tablets.

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