Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ blurry photos bug fixed now

 Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ blurry photos bug fixed now. Some Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23+ owners have been reporting a soft spot in their images dubbed the “banana blur” because of its form. Even though it didn’t affect everyone, those who did weren’t happy that their brand-new 50MP flagship camera had a flaw.

Here are a few photographs taken by s9tralala, a member of the Samsung Community, to demonstrate the problem: According to a post on the Samsung Poland community site, it appears that Samsung has now acknowledged the problem and is working on a solution. According to the article, there are no hardware flaws, indicating that a software upgrade would remedy the issue.

Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ blurry photos bug fixed now

However, there are no details on when we might expect this fix to arrive. In the mean time, the post offers a couple of temporary fixes:

  • Take the photo from at least 30cm/1ft away
  • Try holding the phone vertically

Here’s the salient paragraph from the post that describes the issue (machine translated from Polish):

While testing the camera capabilities of the S23 or S23+, you may have noticed that the area around the subject looks slightly blurred when taking a close-up shot. This is because the rear wide-angle camera on the S23 and S23+ has a bright aperture, which helps when taking photos in the dark. However, this also means that a more noticeable selective focus can make the background of your photos look blurry.

According to the report, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is unaffected by the banana blur problem because of its focus booster feature.

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