Samsung Galaxy S23 series dummies pictured leaked

Samsung Galaxy S23 series dummies pictured leaked. The photos of the dummy Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra taken while they walked in front of a camera were published online almost immediately. The mannequins are a confirmation of the design seen in leaked renderings.

In addition, an image gallery was released online and featured a side-by-side comparison of the three models. The most noticeable upgrade to the Galaxy S23 and S23+ is, as predicted, the camera island. The base plate has been removed, and now each lens protrudes independently.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series dummies pictured leaked.

As a result, their designs are more similar to the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has mostly stayed the same since the S22. The S23 Ultra is still quite blocky, but they have rounded edges that tell them distinct. Sim card tray positioning is the only thing that has changed between the mockups and the previous representations. The dummies in the renderings have a tray on the side, whereas the tray is at the bottom. If you’re wondering why there’s a divot below the power button, it’s presumably for the 5G antenna.

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