Samsung Galaxy S24 Series 3C Certifications Quiet Rumors

Firstly, Samsung Galaxy S24 Series 3C Certifications Quiet Rumors. Here is the detailed information about the latest 3C certification update. Samsung fans excitedly anticipating the introduction of the Galaxy S24 Series, which scheduled to make its debut in the first quarter of the following year, in the ever-evolving world of smartphones.

The IT behemoth has been quiet about the specifics, but rumors and leaks have been circulating online. Three Galaxy S24 Series handsets completed the 3C certification procedure today, which sheds further light on their charging capability and represents a significant step.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Specifications

The Galaxy S24’s basic model (SM-S9210) expected to offer 25W charging, according the 3C certification. In the meanwhile, it known that the Galaxy S24+ (SM-S9260) and the flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra (SM-S9280) will continue to offer 45W wired fast charging.

The high-end Galaxy S24 Series phones said to have outstanding 65W rapid charging capabilities in the past. The 3C certification has put an end to such speculations, indicating that these models will continue to use 45W charging.

This information clarifies the charging capabilities of Samsung’s next flagship devices. Even while some people would have wished for even quicker charging rates, it’s important to remember that 45W is still a sizable capability that enables users to swiftly and effectively charge their devices.

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