Samsung Galaxy S24 series to come with Generative Edit, Live translate, and AI features

As the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch event approaches, exciting details about the new phones continue to emerge. The most recent leak, courtesy of Twitter user @MysteryLupin, reveals marketing material highlighting key AI features of the Galaxy S24 series.

Among these features is Live Translate, which, according to its description, can translate phone calls in real-time, potentially eliminating language barriers during conversations.

Discover the intriguing “Generative Edit” feature, resembling Google’s Magic Editor tool. This function empowers you to effortlessly eliminate unwanted elements or fill vacant spaces in your photos, mirroring Google’s capabilities. Notably, it mandates an internet connection and a Samsung account, akin to Magic Editor. Despite the robust Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor with on-device AI prowess, Samsung’s reliance on the cloud for this feature is evident.

There’s also mention of three more features related to the smartphones. One is Nightography Zoom which is said to enhance low-light photos when zoomed in.

Capture stunning photos with the Galaxy S24 series using High Resolution, boasting an impressive 50MP on the standard model and a whopping 200MP on the S24 and S24 Ultra. The Screen Display feature enhances your viewing experience with a brighter, flatter screen. Notably, there’s no indication of AI manipulation for these features. @MysteryLupin shared high-resolution images of the S24 series. Which he quickly removed, possibly due to Samsung’s leak crackdown. Despite this, we’ve already glimpsed high-quality renders, so nothing’s been missed.

Leaks and a recent, briefly visible confirmation on Samsung’s website suggest a January 17 launch for the Galaxy S24 series.

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