Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 features a 3.4-inch cover screen

A few days ago we have seen the design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 from Samsung. But the information wasn’t much enriched with detailed specifications. Now we have got more detailed specifications about its cover screen. We have got those leaks from the famous tipster Ice Universe.

According to ice universe, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will feature a 720 x 748p resolution and a 3.4-inch, 304ppi diagonal cover screen. It is quite massive comparatively with the Galaxy ZFlip4’s 1.9-inch, 260×512 px screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 cover screen
Galaxy Z Flip5 cover screen

Here you can see the improvements and benefits of the bigger screen on the image. There’s room for the clock, weather, some shortcuts, and contextual widgets. This will boost the usability of the Galaxy Flip series.

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