The official teaser reveals a new Minty Fresh color for the Pixel 8 Pro

Google’s online store hints at a fresh update for the Pixel 8 Pro—not a new device, but a sleek Minty Fresh color. Mark your calendars for January 25 at midnight PT when it drops!

It’s uncertain if the teased feature is exclusive to the Pixel 8 Pro or if it’ll be on the Pixel 8 too. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long to know.

The shade is a teal/mint tone, leaning towards green, or you could say it’s somewhat greenish.

Curious about the word ‘paint’ in that mural? It’s actually “itsaliving,” an artist partnered with Google for a downtown NYC mural set to debut on January 25. Could the new color commemorate this event? Anyway, the upcoming Pixel 8 Pro is anticipated to be identical to the already-released model, differing only in color. Stay tuned to discover if this new hue will have any restrictions, like being exclusively available on the official Google store. We’ll keep you posted.

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