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Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 comes with Leica cameras in August

Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 comes with Leica cameras in August. Today, Xiaomi President Lu Weibing said the Mix Fold 3 would be released in August. In the Weibo comments section of his post regarding Xiaomi’s most recent factory improvement, he provided the information in response to a query.

The brand-new Smart Factory has officially begun operations, and the Mix Fold 3 will be the first model it produces in large quantities. Several improvements have been made to the production processes to enable Mix Fold 3 to be thinner and more substantial.

Naturally, it will also include cameras with the Leica name. Since the Mix Fold 2 debuted in August of last year, the new Xiaomi foldable typically debuts that month. When folded, such a model has a thickness of 11.2mm. That was already astounding (particularly for Samsung).

Xiaomi Mix Fold 3 comes with Leica cameras in August

Still, it appears Xiaomi has found a way to make the Mix Fold 3 slimmer. The bad news is that the Mix Fold 3 will remain restricted to China like its predecessor and not have an official international launch, according to a relatively recent rumour.

That would be unfortunate, but over the past few years, we’ve noticed a pattern where Chinese businesses are reluctant to sell their foldable outside their native country. Consumers lose out, and the only true winner is Samsung, but that is what it is.

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