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Xiaomi plans to soon sell cars through its stores

Xiaomi plans to soon sell cars through its stores, just opened its 10,000th outlet in China. Xiaomi just announced the hole of its 10,000th save in china and revealed plans to soon sell its upcoming electric automobiles via comparable outlets. The statement turned into made by lei jun these days on Twitter as congratulation to anyone concerned within the establishing of the Xiaomi shop.

The Xiaomi CEO additionally shared photographs of the store along with the celebrations associated with it. The 10,000th Xiaomi keep become inaugurated on October 30th in Shenzhen, China. It has a place of nearly 600 rectangular meters and promises to provide an extra top class and interactive experience.


The shop also functions a massive curved display atop which could serve as a top-notch tool to reel potential shoppers in. The CEO further discovered that we will quickly get to look extra at such massive stores in china and that they may even sooner or later used to promote motors.

Xiaomi plans to soon sell cars through its stores, just opened its 10,000th outlet in China

For the uninitiated, lei jun also the CEO of the newly included Xiaomi cars company that’s running at the mass manufacturing of electric cars of its very own by the primary half of 2024. Xiaomi has already diverged into numerous other markets together with clever home products, TVs, and electric powered bikes, and massive shops like those will accordingly quickly be a one-stop destination for all varieties of Xiaomi electronics.

Furthermore, the agency has predominantly been an online supplier while it got here to its smartphones, greater so out of doors of China, so the opening of stores like these may be an indicator of a new retail strategy.

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