Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro specification, price, release date leaked, become popular

Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro specification, price, release date leaked, become popular. This week, Poco released two new models for its X-series smartphone lineup: the vanilla and Pro. The later model was upgraded with a chipset that was more appropriate for its Pro designation and a display and primary image sensor of improved quality.

At 7.9 millimetres in thickness, the Poco X5 Pro is the most compact smartphone in the series. It launches internationally for $300/€300 for a 6/128GB unit, but if you can snag the early bird deal, you can have it for $250/€250. The Snapdragon 778G powers the device.

The camera in the Poco X5 has been reduced in resolution from 108 megapixels to 48 megapixels, while the device continues to employ the same Snapdragon 695 processor as the Poco X4 Pro. As was noted before, the new Pro is equipped with an improved camera and a display that is 10-bit and supports Dolby Vision.

Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro specification

The vanilla version of the X5 does not get any of those features, but it does come at a lower price: the same 6/128GB RAM combination is available for $250/€250 (or $200/€200 with the early bird bargain). This past week saw the X5 and the X5 Pro debut in many different nations.

It is important to note that the Poco X5 Pro will also be released in India. It will have an initial selling price of 23,000 (with the promise of price reductions), and it will go on sale for the first time on Monday, February 13.

Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro Official Image

However, the vanilla version of the Poco X5 will not be released. The Poco X5 Pro will serve as our first example. Do you believe this is the appropriate mid-ranger for you after reading and seeing our video review?

Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro price

You may vote using this website or down below. And what about the unlocked version of the Poco X5? We evaluated it earlier this week and made a video review. Is it more financially beneficial to purchase the X5, or would you prefer the X5 Pro? You may vote using this website or down below.

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