Xiaomi rumoured to replace MIUI with MiOS

Xiaomi is rumoured to replace MIUI with MiOS. Since 2010, Xiaomi and its MIUI Android user interface have become synonymous. With over 564 million monthly active users worldwide, MIUI currently has the most extensive user base in the industry.

The most recent version is MIUI 14, which was unveiled in December. According to a trustworthy informant, Xiaomi appears to be searching for a change with the upcoming version of its own user interface. Digital Chat Station is sure that Xiaomi will switch to a new MiOS instead of MIUI.

Xiaomi rumoured to replace MIUI with MiOS

Whether MiOS will just be another Android overlay UI like MIUI or if Xiaomi is genuinely creating a new mobile operating system is still up in the air. According to earlier speculations, Xiaomi plans to introduce its own Android Open Source Project (AOSP)–based operating system, which would be compatible with its smartphones, tablets, wearable technology, and even Xiaomi’s electric cars. This would be a move to copy Huawei.

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