Google Pixel Tablet first see on the Facebook Platform

Google Pixel Tablet first see on the Facebook Platform. Potential customers may soon be able to get their hands on a Google Pixel Tablet. Along with the speaker docking station, it found its way to Facebook Marketplace in the United States.

We shouldn’t accept the $400 price tag for the bundle at face value. From as early as May, Google has been dropping hints about the upcoming Pixel Tablet, and during last month’s Pixel 7 launch, we got some concrete details. In the next month of October, we received further information.

However, there has been little information on the Pixel Tablet released since then. Images from the black market listing show the tablet in use and the tablet version of Google’s Pixel Launcher. The wallpaper seems genuine since it is similar to Pixel 7’s Feathers series.

Google Pixel Tablet first see on the Facebook Platform.

The tablet includes 256GB of storage space, perhaps 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and a Tensor processor (first or second gen). An estimated 16 hours of use time is shown when the battery is at 70%. When docked in the Charging Speaker Dock, the Pixel Tablet becomes a large-screen Nest Hub (like the Nest Hub Max).

Placing the tablet in the dock transforms it into a perpetually active Google Assistant, ready to answer your questions whenever you need it. Google’s description of the pier emphasizes how it “transforms your tablet from something that sits in your drawer into a vital part of your life.”

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