Moto X40 revealed with SD 8 Gen 2 and 165Hz OLED display

Moto X40 revealed with SD 8 Gen 2 and 165Hz OLED display. A premium X-series handset and what is likely to be the company’s cheapest 5G phone in the near future were both unveiled by Motorola today. These are now being introduced in China, but they should eventually spread to the rest of the world.

Motorola Moto X40

The previous X30 Pro offered an intriguing blend of robust hardware and an affordable price. The Motorola Moto X40 is a new model that doesn’t identify as a “pro,” but it still packs a punch thanks to its new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and 165Hz display.

Motorola sure does love its high refresh rate displays. The display’s diagonal is 6.7″ and its resolution is 1,080 by 2,400 pixels. A 10-bit panel is used. Whether you’re a pro or not, the X40 offers 125W wired charging and wireless charging as well, albeit at a lower 15W output than the X30 Pro’s 50W.

However, non-Pro Motos typically ignore it entirely. The cable charger will charge your phone as quickly as possible, taking it from a dead battery to 50% in just 7 minutes. By the way, the battery has a 4,600mAh capacity, which is essentially the same as the previous Pro.

Similar rationale may be applied to the camera, which on the X40 has a 50MP sensor (1.56″) rather of a 200MP primary sensor. It supports 4-in-1 binning and features OIS with native pixels of 1.0 m. This opens the possibility of an X40 series flagship model.

Moto X40 revealed with SD 8 Gen 2 and 165Hz OLED display

Motorola Moto G53

The Motorola Moto G53’s main selling point is 5G connection. Even so, it is quite disappointing as a follow-up to the 4G-only Moto G52. The Moto G51, which supports 5G, offers some even better specifications (Motorola’s lineup may be pretty confusing). The G52’s 6.6″ 90Hz AMOLED screen with FHD+ resolution has been replaced by a 6.5″ 120Hz LCD screen with just HD+ resolution. The 6.8″ 120Hz LCD of the G51 5G had FHD+ resolution.

An 8MP sensor has been downgraded for the selfie camera (down from 16MP). Additionally, there are downgrades on the back. The ultra wide module is no longer present, however the main camera still boasts a 50MP sensor with 0.64 mm native pixels (1.3 mm after binning). The 2MP macro camera is still available, so don’t worry.

The battery comes next. The battery capacity is the same at 5,000mAh as the previous model, but the charging speed has decreased to 18W (from 30W) and only a 10W charger is provided in the package. To pay for the 5G modem, some expenses have been minimized. Thankfully, the 3.5mm headphone jack and the microSD card slot were unaffected by the budget cuts. There are two variations of the G53, each with 128GB of storage and 4GB or 8GB of RAM. In addition, you

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