Overnight charging is now going out of fashion

Overnight charging is now going out of fashion. The week before we explored the impact of fast charging on battery capacity. We also asked you to share your preferred charging rate. Fast charging has clearly emerged as the most preferred method, whereas the slow charging that is used for overnight has definitely been thrown out of fashion. 

It was already coming out some time before, yet that was nevertheless the most popular method for about a quarter of the population. The number has dropped from 25% to 15 percent. The good thing about charging slow is that there is always a way to speed it up – simply use one of the chargers with low power that you’ve got within your cabinet. 


Overnight charging is now going out of fashion

We would like Android offered better controls to charging speed, but with no on-screen controls, it’s sufficient to have an aforementioned 5W/10W charger on your nightstand. A majority of consumers will opt for smartphones between 25 and 33W. 

They charge quickly enough and have no drawbacks. They don’t have an additional cost like phones on the top of the line in charge technology have. In terms of charging, phones which support 100+ Watt charging, were second most viewed category, just barely beating the 50-67W phones which came in at third. It’s a hassle to charge and it’s understandable why people like to finish it quickly.

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